Cemeteries are the place where people do not have a smile on their face, but this place can also be beautiful. People have tried their best to make sure that you give a good experience. This is a place for a lot of different birds and wildlife and keeping it well maintained is a necessity. There are many gardens which is surprised by bringing beauty to the cemeteries. If you are curious, here are some of the places which can help ensure that you have the right experiences when it comes to cemeteries.

Il Cimitero Acattolico di Roma, Italy

This is a cemetery which has been in existence from the Roman Era. This was set aside by the pope to help in the burial of the non-catholic foreigners. This is the final resting ground of John Keats and Percy Shelly. There is also one of the most beautiful statues of the Angel of the Grief weeping over the Altar of Life.

Mirogoj Cemetery, Croatia

This was a cemetery which was constructed on the estate of the Ljudevit Gaj who was a 20th-century linguist. This cemetery is situated at the foot of Mt. Medvendnica. This cemetery was revamped by an Australian architect Hermann Bolle. He was inspired by the Neo-Renaissance arcade and is now filled with memorial statuary.

Skogskyrkogarden, Sweden

Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz were two of the most famous architects who collaborated to make this burial ground a bit more appealing. This was transformed as a former quarry into a beautiful site which has a lot of modest gravestones and can be seen absorbed in the forests and the meadows.

Reilig Odhran, Scotland

This is an Island Graveyard which is considered one of the most beautiful places and is the burial ground of many Scottish, Irish and even Norwegian Rulers. This is a Gaelic for Graveyard which lies beside saint Oran Chapel. This is home to many mysterious stones. The legend has it that when the stone wears down, the world is going to end.

Pere Lachaise, France

This is one of the revolutionary cemeteries which offered gravesite to anyone who could afford it. It is one of the most expensive places. Regardless of the price, it is one of the most popular spots. It is the resting place of some of the most famous people like Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, etc.

Highgate Cemetery, England

Highgate was a garden cemetery which was made as a place where the Londoners can escape the life of smoke and noise. It is one of the most beautiful places where people like Karl Marx and Douglas Adams lie. It was once a place which was growing weed today it is a scene to rejoice.