Memorial headstones come in an array of shapes and sizes. If you’re wondering what headstones are made of and how they are made, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll also learn about the best headstones and the average cost to have one made.

How Memorial Headstones Are Made

There are several steps involved when memorial stonemasons start making headstones, with the first steps consisting of cutting granite blocks from a quarry. After that, these blocks go to a manufacturer, where the blocks of granite are cut down into smaller blocks. After the slabs of granite have been prepared, a designer creates a blueprint of a headstone, which the customer will provide their input.

As for who makes memorial headstones, that would be stonemasons. These types of stonemasons typically only focus on creating headstones. This allows them to create highly detailed and high-quality memorials.

What Are Headstones Made Of?

Headstones can be made with an array of materials, but there are three types of rock that are commonly used. This includes slate, marble, and granite, as all three of those types of rock are durable, reliable and various finishes can be used on them. Sometimes gabbro and sandstone markers are used. Headstones that have been created with gabbro or sandstone markers stand out because they tend to be dark.

In the past, limestone was sometimes used to create headstones and even today some people prefer their headstones to be made from limestone. This is because limestone is appealing. The only downside to limestone is the material isn’t as durable as marble, slate or granite, which means if your headstone is made with it, then it may not last as long as headstones made with other types of rock.

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The Best Headstones

The best headstones tend to be upright headstones and flat headstones. However, it really comes down to personal preference, and the good news is that all headstones can be customised to some extent or another. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to compare a few headstones and weigh the pros and cons of each before settling on one.

Also, the best material is marble. Marble headstones are durable and highly resistant to various weather elements. Not only that, but marble headstones tend to be very easy to clean and maintain.

Average Cost

The average cost for a memorial headstone in the UK is around £1,000 for an upright headstone. Larger headstones, such as kerbed ones, tend to average around £2,300. Bear in mind that many factors come into play when it comes to how much you’ll pay for a memorial headstone, such as the type of rock you want it made with, the stonemason performing the work, and what details you want to include on the stone.

Now you know more about how memorial headstones are made. If you plan on having a headstone made, then make sure you find a highly skilled stonemason to create it for you. They’ll be able to create your ideal headstone.